“Want to Slim Down? Stay Away from These 12 Snacks – #7 Is Shocking!”


The act of snacking is frequently thought of as a sin when trying to shed weight, but when you do it in the right manner, it can assist you in achieving your weight reduction objectives! It can keep your metabolism going and your cravings under control until your next meal. But eating unhealthy foods at snacks can seriously hinder your weight loss goals. Carbs, sugars and fats are a favorite to be hidden in food items disguised in a way that is “healthy.”

1. Trail Mix

A portion of a store-bought trail mix is just a quarter cup, a of size that isn’t a thing anyone will stick to. Also the processed milk chocolate doesn’t do the world any favors neither is the processed milk chocolate. Instead, opt for nuts and fruit bars such as KIND bar or even create your own. The nut and fruit bars will ensure you’re getting the nutrition your body requires rather than empty calories which don’t even satisfy you.

2. Pretzels

These traditional snacks are rich in sodium. Nearly 20% of your daily intake within a portion of pretzels. Too much sodium can cause an increase in water retention that can cause bloating or puffiness. Too high levels of sodium could lead to heart disease. Opt for shelled and salted Pistachios instead. They’re nearly twice the protein content and triple the amount of fiber as pretzels, meaning they’ll keep you fuller for longer than pretzels do.

3. Rice cakes

Rice cakes are generally regarded as healthy food items due to their low amount of calories and do not contain any fat. However, they also rank extremely high in glycemic index. Pure sugar is rated with a score of 100 while rice cakes are rated with a score of 82. Try popcorn that has been air-popped (not microwaved) to get a healthier option. Additionally, you can add any of the healthy toppings to your popcorn!

4. Bottled smoothie

Bottled smoothies might appear to be a healthy, low-calorie option but if you take a closer look you will find that there are typically more than three servings of food in a bottle. The ability to make your own drinks is a great way to be sure that you are aware of exactly what’s in them and the amount of water you should consume to keep your weight in check. Take a look at our top weight loss smoothies right here.

5. Diet soda

Artificial sweeteners will make you feel fuller and reduce cravings however, they can also have a negative impact on the metabolism. The elimination of diet drinks (and caffeine) isn’t easy initially but, in the end, it is worth it. Drink sparkling water or detox water instead.

6. Banana chips

Banana chips can also appear to be a good idea since they’re made from bananas. Right? Wrong. They’re usually cooked that means they’re rich in saturated fat. Instead, try the most obvious substitute: A banana! With 120 calories, a big banana doesn’t contain saturated fats, but it is packed with vitamins B and C, as well as the right amount of fiber! If you’re seeking a healthy snack alternative, you can try Kale chips.

7. Chocolate pudding cups

The chocolate-based pudding cup may not have a very high calories however, why not opt for real chocolate instead? Dark chocolate is a source of antioxidants rich cocoa, and has less sugar, fewer carbs plus more fiber an entire cup of chocolate pudding. This is a reason to include chocolate in your diet. Go for it!

8. Cheez-Its

Cheese crackers like Cheez-Its, for instance, are packed with simple carbs which can increase blood sugar levels and trigger cravings. This is the exact opposite of what you’re hoping to achieve with eating snacks. Beware of simple solutions like cheese crackers.

9. Skim and Granola

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Even a half cup of granola mixed with a cup skim milk contains 360 calories! Granola is advertised as a healthy food however, the majority of it is simply the sugars and calories. It’s 10 a.m. and you’re looking for another breakfast before lunch, it’s suitable. You can substitute the cereal granola for 1 cup instant oatmeal to get a more nutritious and satisfying food.

10. 100 calorie packs of cookies

Research has shown that 100-calorie boxes of cookies such as Oreos as well as Chips Ahoy actually cause more problems than they resolve in terms of losing weight. People are more likely to eat more of them as they’re perceived to be healthy even though they’re in fact in fact, cookies. It’s not exactly the same thing, but it’s worth trying substituting them with roasted pumpkin seeds. The third portion of the cup is just 94 calories and they’ll take up more of your energy than cookies.

11. Baby carrots

Carrots for babies are very popular snack for dieters but the reality of the issue is that they will not make you feel full for very long. Try coating them with some Hummus or another source of protein to help you get your stomach churning through lunchtime.

12. Flavored yogurts

All yogurts that are flavored are loaded with sugar because of synthetic flavorings. Instead of drinking a cup of strawberry yogurt, choose plain Greek yogurt. It’s low in sugar and is packed with healthy proteins that will provide you with energy.


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