“Exclusive: Julia Stiles Reveals the Truth About Her Secretive Baby Arrival!”


Julia Stiles is a mom of three! Julia Stiles is a mom of three! Ten Things I Do Not Like About You star 43-year-old Julia Stiles has revealed in a recent interview with the newspaper The New York Times that she had secretly welcomed the third baby with her husband Preston Cook in 2023.

“I’m kind of like a bundle of emotions, because I have a 5-month-old baby and I went into directing my first movie,” she told the publication while advertising her debut directorial effort, Wish You Were Here. Stiles did not divulge any additional details regarding her child like the sex or name, stating of the secrecy surrounding her birth “I didn’t really talk about it.”

Julia Stiles, 43, reveals she secretly welcomed a third baby with husband  Preston Cook five months ago | Daily Mail Online

It was the Save the Last Dance actress who wrote and directed the script for Wish You Were Herewith Renee Carlino, which Kelsey Grammer, Jennifer Grey as well as Stiles are the younger siblings of Jane Stiles, said that after her birth of her 3rd child she’s “running on fumes in terms of sleep. But I feel more energized than I ever have.”

Stiles and Cook first met on the film sets of Stiles Cook’s suspense movie “Go With Me”. They began to fall in love that was the same year, resulting in to get married in September of 2017. They have two sons The couple welcomed their youngest son, 6 years old Strummer within a month after the couple exchanged vows. When she announced her wedding, Stiles shared a photograph with Cook’s hand resting against her newborn bump. She wrote hilariously, “Who doesn’t love a shotgun wedding?” They then went into the future to be blessed with their second baby, Arlo, now 2, in the month of January 2022.

“I think that actually being a mom is really great training for being a director,” Stiles stated about motherhood. “You have to think 10 steps ahead but also be in the present moment. You have to be good at time management. You have to be sensitive to people’s needs and guide them, but also hold a boundary.”


Although Stiles has not publicly announced that she was expecting a baby Some people began to speculate that a baby was coming for the couple in 2023’s spring as reported by the reporter. The reality is that Stiles did not make any public comments on these speculations. They were squelched during her performance in Saturday Night Live. In the program, which featured her reprising her role in Saving the Last Dance in a sketch with fellow cast actress Chloe Fineman, Stiles wore the leotard but didn’t have the baby bump.



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