From Screen to Reality: Peek Inside the Stunning Apartments that Brought Movies to Life!


The 2021 awards season is coming to the end of the road However, the films of 2020 remain in the forefront of the list. While cinemas were shut across the country for the majority of the year. However, films such as the Disney’s Soul and Warner Bros.’ Wonder Woman 1984 still attracted the attention of viewers. A lot of these films included stunningly designed apartments and even some that were similar to the ones in real life.

Zumper, the biggest rental application for apartments within the U.S., found apartments that resembled those seen In Wonder Woman 1984, On The Rocks, French Exit, Soul, The Way Backand The Way Back, andI Care A lot. The films were all released last year and earned many nominations for awards. I Care a Lot was released on Netflix as well as Disney launched Pixar’s Soul on Disney+. Wonder Woman 1984 was released on HBO Max in December and is now available on home video. On The Rocks is streaming on Apple TV+ and Warner Bros.’ The Way Back is available for rent. French Exit was screened in the New York Film Festival last year and is now available in theaters.

The 93rd Academy Awards will end the longer-than-normal 2021 awards season the 25th of April, Sunday. The films being considered to win Best Picture are The Father, Judas, and the Black Messiah, Mank, Minari, Nomadland, Promising Young Woman, Sound of Metal and The Trial of the Chicago 7. While we wait for Oscars to be presented and announced, take some real-life homes like those featured in the 2020 films.

‘On The Rocks’

On the Rocks - movie image


Sofia Coppola’s On The Rocks features Rashida Jones as well as Marlon Wayans as an New York City couple, together with Bill Murray as Jones’ father. The couple live in a luxurious SoHo residence that has three bedrooms, an enormous modern kitchen, a spacious space that is a combination of the dining and living rooms as well as balconies. There is the Apartment on Zumper which is like as the apartment used in the movie, however it’s expensive. The rent is $12,500 per month.

On the Rocks - Zumper listing

‘Wonder Woman 1984’

Wonder Woman 1984 - movie image


Wonder Woman 1984 the film, which received the SAG Award for its stunt team, includes scenes from Diana Prince’s (Gal Gadot) expansive Washington, D.C. apartment. She lives in Watergate East and has a gorgeous balcony that overlooks the city. An identical real-life residence is located at Foggy Bottom and is located only five minutes of Watergate Complex. Watergate Complex. The one-bedroom apartment on Zumper comes with a balcony, and rents are $3,000 per month.

Wonder Woman 1984 - Zumper listing

‘French Exit’

French Exit - movie image


French Exit is a wacky comedy which earned Michelle Pfeiffer an Golden Globe nomination. The character she plays begins the film in the Upper East Side New York City apartment. Though Pfeiffer isn’t spending much time in the apartment prior to going to France together with her child (played by Lucas Hedges), one like it can be located on The Upper East Side. The apartment is furnished with wood furniture, elaborate crown moldings and marble slabs for the bathrooms. The duplex is rentable for $25,000 per monthly, according to Zupmer.

French Exit - Zumper listing


The Way Back’

The Way Back - movie image


The Way Back included Ben Affleck’s best performance of the past few years, however the actor was left out of from an Oscar nomination. However, he did get an People’s Choice Award nomination though. He was a alcoholic who is desperate to get back on track and gets chosen to coach his Basketball team from high school. In the movie, he is living in the upper tier of an Long Beach, California house. One-bedroom apartment like this located in Central Long Beach. The rental is $1,650 per monthly, according to Zumper.

The Way Back - Zumper listing

‘I Care a Lot’

I Care A Lot - movie image


Rosamund Pike, who was a surprise winner of an unexpected Golden Globe for starring in Netflix’s I Care a Lot. In the film she is a resident of the Boston triplex townhouse along with her partner who is who is played by Eiza Gonzalez. Zumer discovered a house similar situated within Jamaica Hills, Boston. The house boasts high ceilings, huge windows, and beautiful moldings. Rent is $7,900 per month.

I Care a Lot - Zumper listing


Soul - movie image


Soul could be an animated movie however, Pixar meticulously made New York City for the film. Joe Garner (Jamie Foxx) lives in a comfortable residence in Harlem. Zumper located a single-bedroom flat located in Central Harlem that includes a King-sized bedroom and exposed brick walls and huge windows. The rent is $2,600 per month.

Soul - Zumper listing



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