Exclusive: Shocking News – ‘Planet of the Apes’ Icon’s Passing Confirmed by Family!


The ctor Ron Harper passed away on Wednesday, March 21, at the age of 91. His daughter Nicole Longeuay told The Hollywood Reporter that Harper passed away from natural causes. Harper leaves behind a remarkable collection of work, including the seventies adventure show Planet of the Apesand Land of the Lost.

Harper was born in Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania – an area close to Pittsburgh in 1933. Harper was a student at Princeton University and fell in the field of acting even however, he was distracted by military service within the U.S. Navy. After his return, after his discharge, he relocating in New York City and sought employment on Broadway for a number of years. His breakthrough came as an understudy for Paul Newman in a 1959 production of Sweet Bird of Youth. Following that, he relocated to Hollywood to play his first TV performance.

Harper began his career in the television industry by appearing on various television shows, ranging from serials and dramas and soaps to dramas. The show Planet of the Apes (1974) is likely to be the first time people could be able to identify Harper as regular. This show was founded on the novel written in 1963 as well as the 1968 film of the same title. Harper was the role of Colonel Alan Virdon, the commander of a spacecraft that crashed into the set. The show lasted only one season that had 14 episodes however it was popular at the time, and has maintained an enthralling fan base over the decades.

Harper was a bit wistful about the demise of this series during an interview with Tom Weaver’s book in 2008 I Talked with the Zombie. He declared: “Our Planet of the Apes stories turned to “The Fugitive with Fur. I believe that’s one of the reasons why we didn’t get what could have been an extended run.” But, Harper got a foothold within this genre that allowed him to be cast in Land of the Lost two years later, even though the audience was significantly older. In this series of adventure for kids, Harper played Jack Marshall who was the head of the fictional family during the 3rd season.

A few of Harper’s film credits from the following years include The Wild Season and Pearl Harbor, and notable TV credits include Melrose Place, Walker Texas Rangerand The West Wing. Harper has been survived by his daughter his son-in law and his two granddaughters Ronnie and Harper and former wife Shirly. People are pondering Harper’s legacy through social media.



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