Emotional Rollercoaster: ‘NCIS’ Actors Brian Dietzen & Katrina Law Open Up About Reaching 1,000 Episodes – Prepare for Tears!


Following the time that NCIScelebrated the 20th anniversary of NCIS this year The series is preparing to broadcast the 1,000th episode as well as Brian Dietzen and Katrina Law spoke with PopCulture.com about the feeling of being part of the expanding legacy. With and the Mothership show, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Hawai’i,and Sydney, it was just an issue of time until NCIS reached the huge milestone. In advance of the 1,000th episode that will air in the next episode of NCISon April. 15th, Dietzen told PopCulture that “it’s every actor’s dream, I think, to get on something and have it actually success and last more than a season.”

“Actors kind of go from job to job, so the prospect of working on something for a year or maybe even two years is incredible,” Dietzen continued. “So when we look at it and say 21 years and between not just our show, but Los AngelesNew OrleansHawai’iSydney, we’ve produced 1,000 episodes over the last 21 years. It’s incredible. It’s really, really rare air. I think that we’re one of only two different shows to actually do that. So, I don’t think it’s lost on any of us how blessed we are to be doing this and to be a part of it. So yeah, we’re just trying to show up and tell really good stories each week because the more times we get to do this, then we get to keep creating this and a thousand episodes; it means we’re halfway there because the goal’s 2,000. Right?”

When Brian Dietzen joined NCISin the beginning of the season in the role of The Dr. Jimmy Palmer, Katrina Law was only introduced for the first time as NCIS Special Agent Jessica Knight towards the end of Season 18 before getting promoted to the role of a series regular in Season 19. But, Law said she feels “really blessed coming into this show a little bit later, a lot later. But one of my favorite things about the show is the amount of love that you can feel on-screen and off-screen. Also, the amount of love that you get from the fans. It’s just a very beautiful symbiotic relationship. And coming to set every day is a joy. One of my favorite stories to tell is that this crew has been together since JAG. So some of these guys go back together more than 21 years.”

JAGpremiered at NBC in 1995. The show ran for one season, before being taken over to CBS to run for another nine episodes and ending in 2005. NCIS backdoor pilot aired in season 8 in 2003. Therefore, it’s really an episode about “30 years,” Law said. She then corrected herself. “So not only have they spent 10 months out of the year for the past 30 years together, 14 to 16 hours a day, but during their hiatus, they still go on vacations together and I think that’s a huge testament of how wonderful this cast and crew is.”


The show has been renewed for another season. the show NCIS: Sydney already renewed for the next season, and two more NCIS spinoffs planned the series doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime very soon. While 2,000 episodes might seem a bit unrealistic but fans can anticipate plenty of NCISfor some time.

For the episode that will be 1,000th, Dietzen promised, “There’s going to be some good Easter eggs for people that have been fans of not only our show but also our sister shows. Potentially a few appearances from people we haven’t seen in some time, not even from our series, but from others. And what’s really great is it’s told through the eyes of someone who has watched NCIS his whole life, and that is Vance’s son Jared. And from the outsider’s perspective, he asked the real question, what makes NCIS so special to my father? And this 1,000th episode is a celebration of that.”


It’s likely that the landmark episode will be one you won’t want to miss, so make sure to tune in Monday, April. 15, at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. In the previous week it was announced that the network would be broadcasting NCISverse the First 1000 The First 1,000, the Entertainment Tonightspecial hosted by Kevin Frazier. It will feature exclusive interviews with the actors across the entire NCISverse franchise sharing memories of their favorites as well as behind-the-scenes episodes. The special of an hour will provide new information about the story’s beginnings and how it evolved into the international phenomenon it is known as in the present. The show will premiere on Monday, April. 8, at 9:00 p.m. ET on CBS.


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