“Exclusive: Inside Kelly Clarkson’s Legal Battle with Ex-Husband – Shocking Details Exposed!”


Kelly Clarkson is suing her ex-husband Brandon Blackstock, just a few months after winning $2.6 million in a separate suit against him and Starstruck Entertainment (the management company of his father).

The 41-year old actress filed the suit in Los Angeles on Monday, 11 March, alleging that Starstruck had violated state labor laws by acting as unlicensed agents of talent to secure business agreements, reports Us Weekly.


According Billboard, Clarkson has filed a lawsuit against Starstruck to recover all “commissions, fees and profits” that she paid the company owned by Brandon Blackstock’s father.

The latest filing obtained from Rolling Stone states: “Based on the wrongful act and conduct of Starstruck all agreements should be declared null and unenforceable. No monies should by paid by the cross-complainants should Starstruck. And all monies paid by the cross-complainants previously to Starstruck must be disgorged by Starstruck immediately.”

Since splitting in 2020 Clarkson, 47, and Blackstock have been involved in a number of legal battles. Starstruck sued Clarkson soon after the couple filed for divorce. The label claimed it “invested time, money and energy” in Clarkson and “developed Clarkson as a mega star.”


Clarkson claimed that Starstruck acted as unlicensed agents, in violation of California’s Talent Agencies Act. Clarkson’s Creative Artists Agency was supposed to have secured the deal. However, in November of last year, the judge ruled the agency brokered the deal. This included Clarkson being a judge for The Voice. Brandon was ordered to pay $2.6 million as commissions on this and other deals.

Bryan Freedman, in response to the new filing, told Rolling Stone that “it is morally wrong, ethically wrong and legally to try to get money back from her ex-husband, who not only helped as her manager, but used those earnings to support their children and Kelly’s and Brandon’s lifestyle during marriage.”


The case before covered 2017, while the new case goes back to 2007. Brandon’s appeal is set for an August hearing, but if Clarkson wins, there will be little left to support his appeal.

Clarkson and Brandon divorced in 2020 after getting married in 2013. The divorce was finalized by 2022 but the legal battles have continued since then. Clarkson had to pay Brandon $1.3 million in one-time payments and $45,601 for child support. The couple has two kids, River 9 and Remington 7,


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