“Remembering a Stunt Master: Grant Page’s Tragic Passing Leaves Hollywood in Mourning – Full Details Here!”


Page performed stunts for a number of films, including ‘The Man From Hong Kong’, ‘Mad Dog Morgan,’ and others.

Grant Page, an Australian stuntman who was best known for his work in the Mad Max movies, has passed away. Leroy Page told that Page died on Thursday, 14 March, when his car hit a branch near his home in Kendall. Page was 85. Leroy shared that Page died “very happy” and “in very high spirits.”

Page, who was born in Adelaide, Australia in 1939, spent many years with the Australian Commandos after graduating from University of Adelaide. The Hollywood Reporter states that Page learned skills such as rappelling and parachuteing while serving with the Commandos. He would use these in his movies. In the mid-1970s he began his filmmaking career after collaborating with director Brian Trenchard Smith. The pair collaborated on The StuntmenKung Fu Killers and The Man from Hong Kong in 1973. Page starred as James Bond actor George Lazenby. In the latter film, Page was seen in a scene flying over Hong Kong.

Page became famous for his stunt in Mad Dog Morgan (1976), where he jumped from an 80-foot cliff on fire. Page was also known for the “transfer,” a trick in which he would climb from the window of a car and into another one travelling side-by-side at high speeds.

Page was best known, however, for his work in the Mad Max series. The stuntman worked with George Miller on the 1979 action film Mad Max, performing as well as serving in the role of stunt coordinator. Page, who had broken his leg on a motorbike during filming, crashed a car into a caravan in the film. In 1985, he returned to the series for the second sequel Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome which also featured Tina Turner. He also worked on the forthcoming prequel Furiosa A Mad Max Saga.



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