Insider Scoop: Jesse Lee Soffer’s Emotional Comeback to ‘Chicago P.D.’ Revealed!


Soffer is in charge of directing one of the upcoming episodes on NBC drama, after he left at the start of Season 10.

Jesse Lee Soffer is setting his sights on Chicago P.D. Once more. After leaving this NBC show as the detective Jay Halstead at the beginning of Season 10 Soffer came back later on to director the episode. In a report by the TV Inquirer, Soffer will be returning for his role on the Windy City to direct yet another episode. He will be directing the 12th episode in the 11th season.

News of Soffer directing comes just days after another one Chicagoalum who will return to the role of director this season. After being let go last season’s Chicago Medas The Dr. Ethan Choi, Brian Tee will take the stage for the second time in Episode 11 from the ninth season. Although they might not return on screen but it’s nice to see they’re eager to come back and reconnect with their co-stars from the past, even if it’s only off-screen.


In addition, the return of Soffer behind the camera is coming just ahead the announcement of Tracy Spiridakos’ exit. Following her debut on the show as a regular on season 5 in the role of detective Hailey Upton, it was reported in 2012 that the actress would leave Chicago P.D. in Season 11. There are little details about her departure at some point, but currently the premiere date and a synopsis of the final episode are been released. If Soffer is likely to return in the role of Jay for Spiridakos in the last episode remains not clear, but there has been difficult with Jay Hailey and Jay Hailey since Jay quit to go to Bolivia So it could be either or.

Since Chicago P.D. has only 13 episodes this season due to the two Hollywood strikes. It’s difficult to predict what’s going to happen in the remaining episodes. Details surrounding Jesse Lee Soffer’s episode, including premiere date. As it is the final episode in the series it’s likely to air in late April or early May.

In the between the new seasons on Chicago P.D. show each Wednesday evening starting at 10:00 p.m. ET on NBC. All episodes are available via Peacock for those who are looking to catch Jesse Lee Soffer in action in the role of Jay Halstead as they wait for his come back in the near future even if it’s just in front of the camera. It’s definitely better than nothing, but there’s always a chance Jay may return in the future.



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