“Watch: ‘Smile 2’ Trailer Is Here and It’s Absolutely Terrifying!”


Say cheese!

“Smile 2” is set for release on Oct. 18. Watch the trailer below.

Paramount released its first trailer of ” Smile 2, the sequel to the breakout horror hit from 2022. The sequel is out on October 18 and features a pop singer (Naomi Scott), who becomes insane by an evil smile.

Parker Finn, the writer and director behind “Smile,” is back with Kyle Gallner who played Joel, the police officer. The film series follows an evil demon who drives victims to commit suicide by posing as human beings wearing sinister smiles on their faces.

In the first episode, Joel witnessed the horrifying death of his ex Rose Cotter after she set herself on fire because of the grinning demon. Anyone who witnesses another person’s suicide at the hands the entity is driven to, means that Joel could soon be the next victim.

The cast also includes Lukas, Gage, Rosemarie, DeWitt and Gelula. Raul Castillo, Miles Gutierrez Riley, and Dylan Gelula are all other members.

The studio originally planned to only show the film on Paramount+. However, they decided to give “Smile” the full theatrical treatment, which paid off $217 million globally at the box office. Paramount was no doubt impressed by the success of Smile, and decided to make a sequel. If the new installment is able to achieve similar results, then it could mark the beginning of a new saga of horror franchises.

Finn briefly spoke about the possibility for a sequel after the release of Smile: “I think there’s still a lot to explore within the world of Smile. There are certainly stones that I intentionally left unturned.”


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