Unraveling the Secrets: First Omen Director Drops Bombshell on Immaculate’s Release Timing!


The First Omen is scheduled to hit theaters this week, and it features Nell Tiger Free (Servant, Game of Thrones) as an 18-year-old American female who’s taken in Italy for a journey of ministry to the church, when she is confronted by the dark side of a conspiracy. Incredibly, it’s not even the only film which fits the description. Immaculate featuring Sydney Sweeney is currently playing in cinemas and is very like The Omen prequel. ComicBook.com recently had the chance to chat with the first Omendirector Arkasha Stevenson We asked her about the timeframe and release date of Immaculate and shared our hope that horror enthusiasts will be awed by the female-led films rather than opposing them.

“Oh, well, it’s exciting,” Stevenson explained. “I think for horror fans, especially for religious horror fans, you don’t get a lot of films very often, so to have two coming out very close to each other is great. And yet clearly people have something on their minds right now.”

During the conversation, Stevenson also talked about her love affair with The Omen, the first film. Omen. Omen.

“Oh, it was totally simple and easy, right? No stress,” Stevenson laughed about her debut feature. “No … I mean, actually I had so much support and it was just a lot of fun. I am a big Omen fan, so this was just kind of a dream come true. And we got to shoot in Rome, so … you’re so distracted by everything and how fun it is to make this film that this stress kind of wears off.”


“I think that the reason that the original is so impactful is because of the character development and the really grounded nature of the relationships, but then also how the horror is executed,” Stevenson said. “I think that the cinematography is very egoless, which really allows everything to feel real and to lose yourself in it. And so that was something that we really wanted to bring as much as possible to this film. And I think with Margaret’s character, Nell did such an incredible job making her real that you want to spend time with her and get to know her so that when her psyche starts to shatter. You’re with her.”


Watch our video interview of Stevenson above. The First Omenlands exclusively in cinemas from April 5th.


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