Insider Reveals: ‘Blue Bloods’ Petition Goes Viral – Here’s What You Need to Know!


Following the Blue Bloods shocking decision to end the show, fans aren’t going down without fighting. While the show is scheduled to end with 14 episodes and more than 300 episodes this year, there are “rumblings” that might not be the possibility. A Twitter account the social network X (formerly called Twitter) named SaveBlueBloods has launched an effort in the hope of having the long-running show renewed.

In addition to an petition to CBS, Paramount+ as well as NBC which has more than 13,000 supporters, fans have also been involved in rewatches, posting videos and images for special projects, and by using hashtags such as #SaveBlueBloods. While there have been unsuccessful fan-driven campaigns to save TV shows however, there have been some extremely successful ones. Because the show Blue Bloodsisn’t scheduled to be finished until fall, fans have ample time to bring their support to receive the recognition it deserves.


It’s also a good thing that The Blue Bloodscast aren’t keen for the show to end now regardless of the fact that it’s been 14 seasons. Tom Selleck has declared that he’s not eager for the show to come to an end and he isn’t alone. The cast has become very close in the last few years and it’s likely to be difficult to let them go and also be sad to one others. The campaign attracted the attention of Donnie Wahlberg and he said, “You never cease to amaze me,” in reaction to the hashtag ranking in the top five most popular hashtags on X.

There are new shows on Blue Bloodsair will air on Fridays and it’s been quite an adventure already. The show honored The late Treat Williams who was killed in a crash on a motorcycle earlier this year. The original actress Jennifer Esposito returned once time in the role of Jackie Curatola as Jackie Curatola, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that she would return one in the lead-up to the series’ finale later in the year. But the way things go in the case of Blue Bloodsand the campaign, it’s likely there could be no season-ending finale.

If fans remain so determined to see Blue Bloodspicked up for a second season, it shouldn’t be shocking if the 14th season isn’t. At present it’s possible that fans will be ready to say goodbye to the Reagans. Because of March Madness, Blue Bloodsdoesn’t return until Thursday, April. 5, at 10 p.m. ET at 10 p.m. ET on CBS The long wait is definitely worth it.


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