The Real Reason Behind ‘American Idol’ Star Mandisa’s Untimely Demise!


Mandisa, the American Idol singer who died almost two months ago, has now been given a cause of death. According to an autopsy, obtained by People the Grammy-winning artist died from complications of class 3 obesity. She was 47.

According to report, Mandisa was found dead at her home by friends on April 18, 2018. “She was last seen alive about three weeks ago.” The manner of death for the singer is “natural.” According to the Cleveland Clinic, Class III obesity is a condition in which an individual has a Body Mass Index (BMI) greater than 40 or 35 and experiences obesity-related conditions.

John Hundley confirmed the death of the American Idolalum to TMZ. He said that the death was a “total shock” to her family. The outlet also stated that Mandisa “had no known health issues before her death.”

Later, at , a memorial service of his daughter, Hundley said that Mandisa was recovering from COVID-19, and felt “weak” just before her death. He said that he believes Mandisa “fell down” in her bedroom. Hundley said, “They found Mandisa on the floor.” You can see her on the left if you look at the bed from behind. “It’s obvious that’s where the woman was lying, there were a few big rugs and clothes there.”

Hundley continued to say that he had found Mandisa’s cellphone “on the right-hand side of the mattress” and that it was not possible for her to “get around the bed and go outside to get a telephone to call for assistance.”

Mandisa, originally from California, moved to Tennessee for college in the early 2000s. She auditioned for American Idol, in 2005. She was eliminated after making it to , the top 9. Mandisa then began a career as a Gospel singer, working with artists such as Kirk Franklin and TobyMac. In 2014, she won a Grammy Award for her fifth album, Overcomer.


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