“Netflix’s Hottest Picks Revealed: Top 5 Movies Everyone’s Streaming Right Now!”


1. ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’:

Christian Grey is a mysterious billionaire who Ana, a college student with little experience, must interview. What starts out as a business meeting quickly turns into an unconventional romance. Ana, swept up in Christian’s glamorous lifestyle and his secrets, soon discovers another side of him. Christian and Ana are swept up in a thrilling romance, as they test their limits for their relationship.


2. ‘Tell Them You Love Me’:

This documentary examines the relationship between a professor, a nonverbal person that leads to a court case over race and disability.

3. ‘Home’:

When Oh, an lovable misfit who hails from another planet, arrives on Earth and meets Tip, a teenage girl, they embark on their greatest journey…the journey home.

4. ‘Hit Man’:

The film is based on a true story that shows a professor who has a strict personality (Glen Powell), discovering his hidden talent in the form of a fake hitman for undercover police operations. He finds his match with a client (Adria Ajona), who wins his heart, sparking a powder-keg of confusion, deception and delight.

5. ‘Ultraman: Rising’:

When baseball star Ken Sato returns to Japan in order to take on the role of Earth-defending hero Ultraman, he finds that he is forced to raise his greatest enemy’s offspring.


Hit Man has started to slide down Netflix’s top movie chart. A true crime documentary, and a blockbuster movie from the 2000s are now putting pressure on Glen Powell’s action comedy.

Continue to the Netflix top five movie list, as it stands today on June 19, 2024. If you’d like to know more about each film, there are also trailers and official descriptions.


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