“Netflix Viewers Are Obsessed with These M. Night Shyamalan Movies – Find Out Why!”


A variety of well-known films made it onto Netflix during the beginning of April. Many of which were quickly a hit among the subscribers of the streaming service. Alongside a number of popular Warner Bros. titles, Netflix also included a few newer films by the polarizing filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan. Both of these films are among the ones rising through the ranks of Netflix which are making waves on the streaming service’s top 10 Movies list.

The along with Glass are both part of Shyamalan’s Mr. Glass trilogy, broadening the scope of the cult movie Unbreakable. The film stars James McAvoy, Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis, these two films bring the storyline to an end. Netflix users are curious to see what happens next.

The latest release of the Netflix Top 10 Movies list includes the two movies the films Split as well as Glass among the top Netflix films. Glass is ranked third in the overall position, and Split close behind in the fourth spot. The film which started the whole story isn’t yet on Netflix along with those two. Unbreakable is streaming on Max.

Check out the complete rundown on this Thursday’s Netflix Top 10 Movies list below!

1. The Little Things :


“When a suspect begins taunting the police, a star detective and haunted deputy sheriff struggle to get to the truth — and avoid repeating past mistakes.”


2. Baby Driver :


“In this wry acton thriller, a young getaway driver’s final heist goes wrong.”


3. Glass:


“Oscar nominee Samuel L. Jackson is Mr. Glass. His bones may be brittle, but his mind is a weapon that not even his superhuman rivals can withstand.”

4. Split:


“A man with dissociative identity disorder abducts three teenage girls, who must find a way to escape before his most dangerous personality takes over.”


5. Skyscraper:


“When his family becomes trapped after terrorists attack the world’s tallest building, a security consultant goes to extreme lengths to try and save them.”


6. Space Jam: A New Legacy :


“LeBron James needs the Tune Squad’s skills to save his son when an evil AI program challenges him to a basketball game.”


7. Mortal Engines :

“In a postapocalyptic world, a young woman and her rebel friends seek to stop the giant mobile city of London from devouring everything in its path.”


8. The Accountant:


“Not only is this accountant able to dig deeply into a company’s books, he’s also an expert assassin, and his new client can use both skills.”


9. The Wages of Fear:

The Wages of Fear (1953) | The Criterion Collection

“Hurtling across a hazardous desert with an explosive cargo in tow, a group of mercenaries will stop at nothing to save the day — and earn cold hard cash.”


10. The Super Mario Bros. Movie:


“Magically teleported from Brooklyn to the Mushroom Kingdom, two plucky plumbers team up with a princess to battle a tyrannical fire-breathing turtle.”



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