“Breaking: Golden Globe Contender’s Terrifying Encounter on the Streets of New York City – Full Story Revealed!”


Boardwalk Empire actor Michael Stuhlbarg was slashed by a homeless person who threw the rock at him Central Park on Sunday. Around seven-and-a-half p.m., Stuhlbarg, 55, was walking on East Drive at East 90th Street in New York City when the rock struck the man on the back of his head according to ABC 7. Based on reports he’s said to have been slain just 2 miles away from the spot where the character Arnold Rothstein in HBO’s hit drama Boardwalk Empire was fatally shot.

In the wake of this incident, the suspect was arrested by Stuhlbarg. ran his suspect attacker, a 27-year-old Xavier Israel, to the front of the Russian Consulate in East 91st Street. He was detained by two uniformed police officers. An eyewitness later told police that they had seen Israel grab the stone and then throw it in the crowd.


Israel was previously arrested three times three times, including two misdemeanors and one for theft. All three took place in the month of January in 2022. In the morning of January 2022, authorities discovered Israel on surveillance footage assaulting the good Samaritan who gave him a coat. He also stole his wallet as his wallet, according to law officials in the moment, according to reports.

The suspect was detained shortly thereafter and was able to prove that he had robbed more than $1,500 from a stranger. In addition to the incident this is the second occasion in one week that Israel was averse to a person who tried to assist him.

Just days before the event, Israel has been detained, accused of assault and later released on a desk-based appearance ticket after he allegedly assaulted a 49 year-old woman, who allegedly tried to assist Israel, according to sources in that the New York Post. Also, Israel allegedly assaulted two additional victims in the morning of Jan. 2. Central Park — a woman and a manaccording to the publication. The teenagers were seated on a rock in the green area at the time Israel has been accused of hitting the two victims randomly. Israel has been accused of the crime of felony assault. A bail of $50,000 was set for the arraignment hearing on Monday night.


Sources and police reports indicate that Stuhlbarg did not seek medical attention due to bruising and pain in his back neck. During his time at New York, Stuhlbarg has been working on his leading role on stage in Patriots which is an Broadway production about Vladimir Putin’s rise to power. Vladimir Putin written by Peter Morgan who was the author and director of The Crown.

In the show that opens rehearsals starting on the Monday he’ll portray Russian the oligarch Boris Berezovsky. He has also appeared in a variety of other shows like The serious Man, Dopesick, The Staircase, Call Me by Your Name, The Shape of Water, and many more.


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