“Last-Minute Drama: One-Punch Man Creator Takes Sudden Break – Here’s Why!”


One-Punch Man is one of the most popular series of manga. Thanks to the artist Yusuke Murata, the cult superhero never fails to disappoint. Saitama has demonstrated his record over and over again, with just a handful of breaks but even the most committed artists require breaks. This is the reason the reason why One-PunchMan has declared a break at the last minute which means fans can look forward to Murata to be back with a brand new album this month.

The news is from the artist himself, as Murata shared with followers on Twitter regarding the break. It appears that the singer is sick since the beginning of May. His illness has forced him put off the next chapter of One-Punch Man to June.

“Thank you for waiting. This week’s One-Punch Man chapter will be delayed. Sorry for the late notice! I was sick since the start of last month, but thanks to your support, I have recovered a lot. I will draw the manuscript again, so please wait for a bit longer,” the artist told his fans.

As you’d picture, One-Punch Man readers were quick to send their best wishes to Murata as nothing can be more depressing than a prolonged illness. The artist appears to be recovering and it is hoped that Murata will be able to return to work in a relaxed manner in the near future. This delay is a sign that One Punch Man will not release any new content during the month however, June 2023 will bring Saitama complete with brand new chapter.


It is evident that this release will surely be a major one. In the end, Murata just kickstarted a new storyline in the web comic manga that readers are familiar with. One-Punch Man is now prepared to take on certain called Neo Heroes as two characters recently made their debut in manga.


If you’re not in One-Punch Man then you can prepare yourself for the new arc thanks to from Viz Media. Viz Media manages the manga’s publication in English and you can purchase it in stores or online. One-Punch Man manga in stores or online via the Shonen Jump application. For the animated series, One-Punch Man seasons one and two are available now on Crunchyroll and Hulu. A few days ago, reports revealed that One-Punch Man season 3 is in the works, but we’re not yet given a date for when the return will be available.

What do you hope to see from One-Punch Men when it comes back with the next chapter? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below, or reach me via Twitter.


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