Jinger Duggar’s Hidden Fear of Starting a Family!”


Jinger Duggar‘s Strict Religious Upbringing Shaped Her Views on Motherhood and Childbearing”

Jinger Duggar, despite being part of an enormous family, was not interested in having as many kids or any . It had nothing to do with Jinger’s love for children or her motherhood aspirations. It was trauma. Duggar and her husband Jeremy Vuolo discussed how Duggar’s strict religious upbringing affected their relationship, and that she had negative feelings towards motherhood. Duggar explained, “I never said, ‘Give your child, I will babysit for you.'” “I was afraid to have as many children as possible, but I wanted to be a mother.”

She changed her mind after falling in love. She learned quickly that the leader of her church reconstructed Bible teachings to suit his own purposes. She explained, “[I thought] this was my destiny.” “That would be it. I was going get married and have lots of children. “Once I realized I didn’t have to have as many children as possible, a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.”

Vuolo noted that Duggar children were “always told what to think, but never taught how they think.” Duggar was raised with 18 siblings. Vuolo realized that his wife did not understand her personal needs or desires. Vuolo also received a warning from Duggar’s dad, Jim Bob. He was told to listen to their religious leader and not to follow his own beliefs. Duggar watched her female peers marry and have children, “until there was no more children left.” She saw it as a heavy burden. She recalled, “I saw many moms who were so beaten down in that environment.” “They had child after child and were on bedrest. The younger siblings had to look after the older children for nine months while the mother was ill. “I was terrified to think of that,” she said.


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