“Incredible Footage: Jelly Roll and Bunnie XO’s Hair-Raising Moments During Emergency Landing on Route to CMT Awards!”


Jelly Roll as well as the wife Bunnie XO had a rough time while on their way to their appearance at the CMT Awards. “When the private jet you’re in just stopped midair, turned around and said we had to emergency land because of a malfunction,” Bunnie 44, wrote in an Instagram post on TikTok the 4th of April, with a caption that reads, “CMT, I swear we’re coming.”

The clip is a short one and shows Bunnie speaking, “What the f –?” as a crowd of people behind look scared. In a separate post, Bunnie gave fans an update on the status of their travels in which she wrote “We landed but might have to get back on the same plane.”

It was apparent that many fans were concerned about their safety, however some were more interested in Bunnie’s surprisingly uninterested reaction to the situation rather instead of their security. “I love how everyone else looks terrified and Bunnie looks just mad as hell lol Hope you all are safe and sound!” One fan wrote, and another wrote, “Everyone freaking out, Bunnie: ‘We die, We die.'”

After the incident, another fan contacted Bunnie for confirmation of being “alright” after the incident after the incident, and Bunnie replied that they were not hurt. “We’re good, baby, but that was scary,” Bunnie wrote.

Bunnie uploaded a video to her Instagram Story on April 5, 2015 to show that the group was on a different plane headed to Texas. “Alright, LA, let’s try this again, Austin, here we come!” She captioned her video.

Jelly Roll 39 was announced as the presenter and performer at the CMT Awards, which will be held on the Moody Center in Austin, Texas on the 7th of April, Sunday. In addition, he’s was nominated to win three prizes for Male Video of the Year and video of the year as well as CMT Performance of the Year for his song “Need a Favor.”

In the 12th annual iHeartRadio Awards, held earlier in the week Jelly Roll won two awards which included The Best New Actor (Pop) and the Best Young Artist (Country). “My mama always said I had a face for radio and boyyy she ain’t never lied!” Jelly Roll captioned a series of images from the concert in Instagram. “We did it again. Thank you iheart for making me Pop & Country ARTIST OF THE YEAR!! It’s such an honor to even share that stage with such legends. CMT AWARDS NEXT!”


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