“Gone Too Soon: Reality TV Star’s Untimely Passing Leaves Fans in Disbelief – Inside the Investigation”


Russian reality TV contestant's body is found in her apartment more than a  month after friends last heard from her - with devastating discovery being  made when neighbours reported 'strong smell' |

Russian Reality TV actress LiberzhKpadonu has passed away. She was the Dom-2contestant 36-year-old was discovered dead in her home at Korolyov, Moscow Oblast on March 31, after neighbors complained of the smell of a “strong smell” and requested for a welfare check. While the reason for the death hasn’t been established, the authorities believe Korolyov was found dead in her apartment soon after undergoing surgery to remove a tumor from her left lung. 

Kpadonu’s body was found 41 days after she posted her last social media post with her followers. In an emotional post uploaded to Instagram on February. 14 the reality television star informed her followers she was traveling for surgery to eliminate an abdominal lump. An emotional Kpadonu concluded the video by sending a an end-of-the-world message to her fans. The actress hasn’t posted any content to social media since then, and authorities believe she passed away within a few hours of the operation.


“She died. We lived next door to her. Today we found her at home, she had been lying there for a long time,” one of the neighbors identified as Lyudmila said to local media accordingly. Another Reality TV star Aliana Ustinenko, who was a local TV star, told reporters in the area that Kpadonu had died within a few hours of having an operation.

“It’s all true. Forty-one days ago. Baby, rest in peace,” Ustinenko stated. “I can’t say anything, there are simply no words. Now the main thing is to get through to the parents. They are not in the know and don’t know anything yet. We kindly ask you not to be negative on any topic, but simply accept and remember the good.”

Kpadonu is famous for her stint as contestant for Dom-2 the Russian reality show where contestants have to build an apartment in search of the perfect partner. Kpadonu began her participation in the show in the year 2011, eventually leaving with one the contestants. She re-joined the show in 2013 and wed the show’s participant Evgeny Rudnev. The couple divorced after six months and she quit the show in the year 2015 but she came back to Dom-2 as a member of the jury for the “Person of the Year” contest in May 2023.


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