Harry Styles Under Attack! Fans Demand Justice After On-Stage Assault!


Harry Styles is the latest victim of a trend where concertgoers are throwing objects at musicians. A concertgoer threw an object at the “As It Was’ singer during his Love on Tour performance in Vienna, Austria on Saturday night.

Styles, 29 was walking across the stage when an unknown object flew through the air and struck him in the eye. Styles was clearly in pain, as the video shows him flinching, covering his eye, and continuing to walk with his hand still covering his face. It is unclear at this point what was being thrown. Styles hasn’t publicly addressed the incident.

Styles was not the first person to be hit by an object that was thrown into the air during a performance. In June, Styles was struck by a bouquet. The singer was struck by Skittles during a Los Angeles show in 2022. In response, the official Skittles twitter account tweeted: “Didn’t think I had to say this. Please don’t throw Skittles.” In October 2022 , he was hit by a glass in the groin during a show in Chicago.


In recent weeks, there has been a disturbing trend of objects being thrown at singers. Bebe Rexha had to be hospitalized after being hit with a cellphone in June. Rexha was hospitalized in June after she suffered a bruised and cut eye. Nicolas Malvagna (27), the man who caused the incident, was arrested. Kelsea ballerini suffered a facial injury when a bracelet struck her face during a performance of “If You Go Down”. This happened at Outlaw Field, Idaho Botanical Garden. Ballerini assured her fans on social media she was “fine.” She added, “We have all triggers and fears that are deeper than what’s shown. That’s why I went offstage and calmed down to make sure that myself, the band, crew and crowd felt safe enough to continue.” A concertgoer recently threw their phone towards Drake at his United Center show in Chicago. The rapper of “Hotline Bling”, however, managed to avoid the object.


Some have spoken out after a string of incidents. Adele told the audience at a Weekends with Adele show at The Colosseum in Ceasers Palace, Las Vegas to “stop throwing objects at the artist!” Some fans have addressed this trend. One wrote on Twitter after the incident with Styles: “Why do people do this? They pay money for front rows just to do it too.” I’m sick of you all.”


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