“Tom Cruise’s Helicopter Prank on Glen Powell Will Leave You Speechless!”


Top Gun: Maverick Star’s Terrifying Encounter with Tom Cruise’s Pranking Antics”

Glen Powell revealed that Tom Cruise can be a prankster , whether it’s on the set, or when promoting the film after the shoot. Powell said in that his Maverick top gun co-star made a joke about him while he was flying back to London after reshoots outside the city at Pinewood Studios.

Powell said that Powell heard Tom say, “Oh no, Oh no,” and then he dropped the helicopter above London. Powell told the outlet, “I thought to myself: ‘Am I going to die with Tom in the middle London smoking hole?’


From there, one can assume that Cruise had one of his famous laughing fits. This is the type of laughter you’d want to hear during a helicopter flight. Cruise is an accomplished pilot, so it’s only natural that he would make this joke. If he is doing HALO Jumps as a joke, he can reach a certain level.

Powell revealed that Cruise had given him some career advice in past interviews. In April 2022, Powell revealed to PEOPLE that he had initially been interested in the Miles Teller part in Top Gun: Maverick. He then landed Hangman.

“It was a series conversations that convinced that I could make this role exciting and that I could use a bit of creativity.” “I could make it mine and create something really special,” he said to PEOPLE. “I have to give Tom some credit. A lot of people will try to hook you to get in a film, but they never deliver on their promises. He kept every promise he made. “I’m very proud of this movie, and of my part in it.”


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