“Emergency Alert: Joy-Anna Duggar’s Baby Boy in Critical Condition!”


Joy-Anna Duggar, Austin Forsyth and their 13 month-old son Gunner were rushed to the hospital following a recent choking incident. In a video posted to the couple’s YouTube channel, the 19Kids and Countingalum and her husband revealed that their son had to be rushed to hospital because he “bit more than he can chew.”

Joy-Anna said she was “pretty shaken up” for a little while when her son “immediately choked” after eating her food. The TLC alum said, “I was feeding him a small amount off my plate and I had a ham piece, like Thanksgiving Ham, which I was letting chew on and take a bit off, but he bit more than he was able to chew and started choking immediately.”


Gunner’s mother, who is also an EMT, tried unsuccessfully to get him to spit out the food before giving him to his father. Joy-Anna said, “I started to cry because I was just like Lord please protect him. Like all of those What-ifs came into your mind immediately.” Gunner began to vomit, but had not thrown up the meat. He was “gagging” for 20 seconds at a stretch and wasn’t breathing.

It was a scary journey for the family, as the Counting On alum said Gunner stopped breathing countless times. The Counting on alumnus said Gunner had stopped breathing several times during the journey. She said, “I was crying out to God, asking him to save him. I had never thought that I would lose one of my children. It was just the thought of his death that came to my head, and it like was frightening.” So I asked God to please, please, save him. Give us wisdom. “Help us get there.

Gunner’s mom said that once the boy went to sleep, he began breathing better. When they arrived at the hospital, the doctors confirmed that Gunner had nothing lodged in his trachea. She said, “I was so grateful that God protected him and we made it into the hospital and that whatever was lodged in his throat was no longer bothering him.” Joy-Anna Austin is also the mother of son Gideon and Evelyn.


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