WWE Boss Vince McMahon Drops Bombshell: Sells Off $100 Million Stock Stakes” – What’s His Endgame?”


Vince McMahon’s WWE days ended with Vince McMahon’s WWE days. The long-time executive resigned his post in the position of the TKO Executive Chairman in January after a lawsuit accuses him of sexual abuse and trafficking. This lawsuit drastically altered the direction of WWE in that the sports entertainment giant has virtually eliminated McMahon from its operations, blurring his face out in the WWE 2K24 video game, as well as taking him off of promotional programs which are aired through WWE programming. Although WWE has done everything it can to dissociate itself from the former boss, McMahon himself still has some say in his fate via TKO’s stock, however the weight of his body has decreased over time.

Vince McMahon Executes Third Massive Stock Sale


The power of Vince McMahon’s shares reduces by a third.


According to a recent , McMahon has sold 3.484 million TKO shares to an unidentified bank approximately $100 million. The shares were transferred during the span of 15 working days, from the 5th of March to March 25th.

Six months back, McMahon owned over 30 million shares of TKO stock. He has sold 8.4 million shares in the month of November 2023 which reduced his shareholding by about 25 percent. In January of this year, McMahon was reported to have held around 20 million TKO shares. TKO stocks, which is a figure which dipped further by the time McMahon also sold 5.35 million TKO shares. The selling of 3.484 million shares brings his holdings to 11.5 million shares, which means McMahon has sold roughly 2/3 of his TKO shares in the last half-year.

It’s important to note that in the most recent 10-Q, it was revealed that McMahon has agreed to pledge 3.484 millions of Class A shares to be “collateral to secure his obligations under a prepaid forward contract with Morgan Stanley Bank” and pledged an additional 7.17 million shares to serve as “collateral to secure his obligations under loans from Morgan Stanley Private Bank, National Association.” TKO stated it was possible that “some or all” of these shares may be transferred to bank “upon the occurrence of events set forth in the applicable documents governing such obligations.”


McMahon is currently battling a lawsuit that is accusing him of sexual assault and sexual trafficking. The lawsuit, brought by former WWE employee Janel Grant and Janel Grant, was released in January and has led to McMahon being forced to quit TKO completely. Although McMahon has been forced to step down from positions within the company in the past in the aftermath of scandals WWE is now owned by an outside company places McMahon’s fate into the hands of other people than him.

“We don’t know his motives, his plans or his timeline,” TKO President Mark Shapiro said of McMahon. “He doesn’t work for the company, doesn’t come into the office and he’s not coming back to the company. And that’s where we sit.”


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