“Rare Footage: The Jaw-Dropping Scene Cut from ‘Jaws’!”


It’s July and it’s Jaws Season. It’s time to fill our home theaters up with the movies that made us so afraid to dip our toes in the oceans around the world.

Jaws (75) – You’re Going To Need A Bigger Boat

All four films in the film franchise, based on Peter Benchley’s novel with the same title, are now available to stream if you have Peacock. While we do concede that the quality of the films drops as you progress through the quadrilogy (based on the novel by Peter Benchley), if you keep your expectations in check, you’ll find plenty to love about each one.

No one will be wrong when it comes to deciding which scene is their favorite in Jaws. There are many scenes in the movie that have a lasting impact on viewers. When they’re all put together, these scenes make up a perfect film. We’re still going to go with “You’re Going To Need A Bigger Boat” because of all it does for Jaws.

Start with the agitated chumming of Chief Martin Brody (Roy Scheider), which reinforces the theme of the lowly man versus the sea. The scene is framed to create maximum fear, but still has the trademark dry humor of the film that will softly fool you into submission. The shark, in all his massive glory, erupts for the first moment into the frame. Scheider’s frozen fear is as real and realistic as the threat he faces.

He then backs up into Quint (Robert Shaw), never taking his eyes off of the ocean, and says what has now become the quote synonymous with the film: “You are going to need a larger boat.” This line has become a term used to describe someone who is woefully underprepared for a task. The perfect way to convey “Oh, you are in difficulty” is bigger than the film.

As John Williams’ foreboding score swells, we see a shark under the boat, where Richard Dreyfuss (Hooper) is shocked to see its true size, while Quint, who has been equally humbled, increases its size to 25 foot. The stakes are raised dramatically in this single scene. The villain is revealed and the heroes are prepared for the battle ahead.

Jaws 2. “Sharks Vs. Sailboats”.

The 1978 Jaws 2 sequel, directed by Jeannot Szwarc and starring Scheider in the role of Chief Brody, is one of the best sequels to the franchise. It features a great script written by Carl Gottlieb, Howard Sackler and Scheider. The film is a great example of how the town leaders scold Brody for his fear and PTSD after the previous shark attack.

There are also some thrilling action scenes, such as this one where Brody’s son Mike (Mark Gruner) is almost killed by the new shark that appears, capsizing boats and nearly destroying Brody. The scene where the shark’s massive fin cuts between the boats and the children in the water is one of the most tense scenes.

Jaws 3D “Please Walk Don’t Run”.

The sequel to Joe Alves is not as good as the original, but we can still appreciate its comedy. The Brody kids are at SeaWorld when a great-white shark infiltrates the underwater exhibits.

This selected scene is filled with a sense of horror as these summer tourists are trapped in an observation tube underground… particularly that male adult in red overalls.

Jaws The Revenge – “Killing the Beast

Jaws The Revenge is a comedy, and we can’t be convinced otherwise. Ellen Brody, a widowed woman (Lorraine Gary), is convinced that a great-white shark is stalking the family. This is a silly script.

This final sequence shows Scheider as Chief Brody, taking a shot at the Jaws shark.


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