“Prepare for Adventure: Disney Dreamlight Valley Update 9 Launches Next Week – Don’t Miss Out!”


Gameloft has announced the update number 9 of Disney Dreamlight Valley will be available in February. As previously reported the update will feature an appearance by Monsters, Inc. Starring Mike Wazowski, and a world that is based on the film. The update is appropriately named The Laugh Floor, and will be available for free to players of all levels. People who are willing to pay money in game can look forward to a brand updated Star Path alongside it. Certain Star Path rewards will include avatar designs that enable players to better be able to fit into the theme of monsters. For instance, one reward from rewards from the Star Path rewards is a Medusa-like hairstyle that is inspired by Celia Mike’s girlfriend.

The brand new loading screen of Disney Dreamlight Valley with Mike Wazowski and Sully can be found in the tweet embedded below, along with some brand new songs

It’s interesting to see Sully present, as the character had not been announced previously as part of the update. At this time, it’s not clear if he’ll be joining the valley as well, or if he’ll remain in the Monsters, Inc. realm. The two characters have been best buds since meeting in college, so it does make sense to have both present!

Disney Dreamlight Valley 2024 Updates

While Sully is a surprise, today’s announcement for update 9 isn’t, as Gameloft had previously confirmed that it would be released in late winter. The developer released a roadmap for the game late last year, which laid out several things that will be coming through summer 2024. Some of that content will be free, like next week’s update, while others will be part of the game’s paid DLC expansion, which was released late last year. Following update 9, players can expect update 10 in early spring, which seems to herald the arrival of Daisy Duck. Update 11 will be coming in late spring, and it appears it will feature a new realm based on Mulan. Finally, the summer will see update 12, alongside Tiana from The Princess and the Frog.

It’s intriguing to be able to see Sully in the picture, considering that Sully’s character was not mentioned previously as part of the update. As of now, it’s unclear if he’ll actually join the valley or if he’ll stay within the Monsters, Inc. realm. Both protagonists have become best friends since they met in the college years, so it seems to seem logical to have both in the same room!

Disney Dreamlight Valley 2024 Updates

While Sully isn’t a complete surprise however, the announcement of update 9 isn’t as surprising, since Gameloft has previously stated that it would be available in the latter part of winter. Gameloft published a roadmap for the game in late 2017 that laid out various items that are coming throughout the summer of 2024. A portion of this content is free, such as the next update, while some will be included in the game’s DLC expansion for paid players which came out at the end of last year. After the update, players will anticipate an update 10 to be released in the early spring, which is believed to signal the coming of Daisy Duck. Update 11 is expected to arrive in late spring and it is believed to include a new realm that is that is based on Mulan.. The summer will bring updates 12, together with Tiana in the film The Princess and the Frog.


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