MonsterVerse Fans Rejoice: Hedorah Set to Make Epic Debut!


Legendary Pictures’ MonsterVerse has been enjoying a lot of successes due to the release of Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire. The film is earning more in the theater than initially anticipated, the future possibilities for this kaiju-filled world appear to be promising currently. If Kong or Godzilla require a new beast to battle in the future the kaiju fanatics need to look no further than one of the scariest and most terrifying monsters ever to emerge in to the Toho Universe. The time has come for MonsterVerse to be welcoming Hedorah to the group of monsters.


If you’re not familiar with this sludge-like monster, Hedorah first was featured in the 1971 film, Godzilla Vs. Hedorah. It’s interesting to note that the origin of Hedorah is similar to the story of Shin Godzilla, being brought to Earth and evolving from a simpler form into a world-destroying beast that was without doubt among the top frightening threats to humanity in the universe of kaiju. Hedorah’s name is “sludge, slim, or ooze” in Japanese It certainly lives to its title. When it is made to come alive by using prosthetics, and a man wearing an outfit there was something odd about the style of Hedorah that could translate well into the MonsterVerse.

Hedorah Vs. Godzilla x Kong

Hedorah is an excellent threat that could again bring together Kong and Godzilla particularly due to its ability to wipe out humanity in a brief period of time. In its first appearance, Hedorah demonstrates the ability to transform into a hovering UFO-shaped object that flies through the sky. However, whatever is beneath it, dies due to the toxic and polluted mist that it releases.

Hedorah is also asking to be included in the MonsterVerse since it hasn’t appeared to be seen in western-themed kaiju film until now. However, Hedorah will be back in films like Godzilla: Final Warsand Godzilla: Planet of The Monsters, and, more recently, in the film Godzilla Versus. Hedorah in 2021 The sludge lurking in the background hasn’t had the chance to battle the new universe of Kaiju to North America.


In a way, The Monarch: Legacy of Monsters’ showrunner Chris Black stated that when looking at kaijus to use into a possible season 2, Hedorah might be at on the front of list. The cult Apple TV+ series has yet to be confirmed for a sequel season, however given the success of the MonsterVerse it is high it will be the case that Monarch is coming back.


Which Kaiju would you like to see take the leap into the MonsterVerse? Please let us your thoughts in the comments section or tweet me with me directly on Twitter to discuss all things anime, comics and the world that is the New Empire.


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