Meghan Markle pays homage to Princess Diana with necklaces on Nigeria trip

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, continues to capture global attention not only for her humanitarian efforts and royal engagements but also for her poignant sartorial choices. During her recent trip to Nigeria, Meghan paid a heartfelt tribute to her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, through the symbolic and thoughtful selection of her jewelry. This act of homage resonated deeply with royal enthusiasts and fashion critics alike, highlighting Meghan’s ability to blend personal significance with public appearances seamlessly.

Meghan Markle’s Trip to Nigeria

Humanitarian Mission

Meghan Markle’s visit to Nigeria was primarily focused on humanitarian efforts, continuing her long-standing commitment to philanthropy. Her engagements included meetings with local leaders, visiting women’s empowerment groups, and participating in initiatives aimed at improving education and healthcare. Her presence in Nigeria underscored her dedication to supporting underprivileged communities and advocating for social justice.

Cultural Appreciation

During her trip, Meghan Markle made a concerted effort to immerse herself in Nigerian culture. She wore traditional Nigerian attire on several occasions, which was praised for its cultural sensitivity and respect. Her jewelry choices were particularly significant, as they reflected both her personal connections and her understanding of the cultural context of her visit.

Symbolic Jewelry: A Tribute to Princess Diana

Necklaces with a Message

One of the standout aspects of Meghan’s attire was her selection of necklaces, each carrying a deep symbolic meaning. These pieces were not only aesthetically pleasing but also rich in historical and emotional significance, linking Meghan to Princess Diana’s enduring legacy.

Diana’s Influence on Meghan’s Style

Princess Diana was known for her exquisite taste in jewelry, often opting for pieces that held personal significance or supported charitable causes. Meghan Markle’s decision to wear necklaces that echoed Diana’s style choices was a clear homage to the late princess. By doing so, Meghan highlighted the timeless influence of Diana’s fashion sense and her enduring impact on the royal family.

The Necklaces: Design and Significance

First Necklace: The Gold Pendant

The first necklace Meghan Markle wore was a delicate gold pendant, similar to one that Princess Diana had been seen wearing on several occasions. This pendant, crafted by a renowned designer, featured intricate details that symbolized love and unity. Gold, often associated with wealth and prosperity, also represented Meghan’s connection to her royal heritage.

Second Necklace: The Sapphire Charm

The second necklace featured a sapphire charm, a gemstone famously associated with Princess Diana. The sapphire, a symbol of wisdom and protection, was prominently displayed in Diana’s iconic engagement ring. Meghan Markle’s choice of a sapphire necklace was a subtle yet powerful nod to this iconic piece, reminding the public of Diana’s legacy and the continuity of royal traditions.

Third Necklace: The Family Crest

The third necklace Meghan Markle adorned was a custom piece featuring the Sussex family crest. This bespoke necklace was not only a tribute to her immediate family but also a representation of her commitment to her royal duties. The crest, intricately designed with elements symbolizing strength and unity, was a testament to Meghan’s pride in her family and her role within the royal institution.

Public and Media Reaction

Positive Reception

The public and media reaction to Meghan’s necklaces was overwhelmingly positive. Royal watchers and fashion enthusiasts praised her for the thoughtful homage to Princess Diana, noting how Meghan Markle skillfully combined personal sentiment with public appearances. This gesture was seen as a bridge between the past and the present, reinforcing the connection between Meghan and Diana in the public’s eye.

Fashion Critics’ Applause

Fashion critics lauded Meghan’s choice of jewelry for its elegance and significance. The necklaces were seen as an extension of her impeccable style, reflecting her ability to make meaningful fashion statements. By wearing these pieces,Meghan Markle not only honored Diana’s memory but also set new trends in royal fashion, showcasing her unique blend of modernity and tradition.


Meghan Markle’s tribute to Princess Diana through her choice of necklaces on her Nigeria trip was a powerful statement that resonated with many. It highlighted her deep respect for Diana’s legacy and her own place within the royal family. Through her thoughtful and symbolic jewelry choices, Meghan continues to honor the past while paving the way for a new era in the royal family. This gesture of homage is a reminder of the enduring impact of Princess Diana and the timeless nature of her influence.


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