“Inside Scoop: Why Prince Harry’s Clothing Is Stirring Controversy!”


Prince Harry’s clothing is an example of his unconventional style. A fashion critic who has gone viral recently highlighted some of these subtle messages. Dere Guy, a popular Twitter user and owner of DieWorkWear.com took on Prince Harry last month in a blog post. He posted two photos of Prince Harry with Meghan Markle and speculated that the prince was not concerned about fashion.

Guy wrote: “Prince Harry seems to have no interest in clothing and (reasonably), dislikes the trappings” of monarchy. “I think this comes through in his wardrobe choices. The machine-made pick-stitching on the lapel reveals that this is a midrange ready-to wear jacket. I would like to see him wear a more modern silhouette. A wider lapel, higher rise and better shaping would improve many of his outfits. Compare these two cream linen suit. The one on the left is better, IMO. It has a heavier fabric, better fitting, and classic proportions.

According to a report by a Both photos were taken during Markle’s and Prince Harry’s trip in Nigeria for the Invictus Games, according to a Newsweek.

Guy is a well-known blogger who has gained a reputation for his ability to combine his knowledge of fashion, design and humor with his insatiable sense of humor. He also uses his humor to take down powerful men on the internet – sometimes to fuel them up. His writings have appeared in The Washington Post , The Nation and Esquire . Since Elon Musk acquired X, his account has been a mainstay. He has criticised everyone from world leaders and politicians to athletes, celebrities and random online trolls

Guy has also written about the British Royal Family in other instances. In April, Guy made headlines for his general criticism of King Charles 3’s style. He cited an insider who said that the monarch had stopped ordering bespoke suit in the early 2000s. He wrote: “His clothing doesn’t fit as well, and I don’t know why… I still believe that he dressed well all his life, particularly when he wore Kent & Haste or the older version Anderson & Sheppard. He had a taste for fashion that, I fear, will soon be lost as people of his generation die.

Guy isn’t the only royal critic to point out the shift in generational attitudes. Many people have complained that Prince Harry, Prince William and other royals are too conservative with their wardrobes. They keep it simple and traditional when required. It is unclear if Prince William and Prince Harry ordered hand-stitched clothing made to their own measurements after their father quit. Guy argues that now that Harry lives in the U.S., he is ordering “made to measure” suits.

Guy continues to commentate on clothing and the news on X. He also works as an editor at the website Put This On. Guy has not yet changed Prince Harry’s wardrobe in response to Guy’s suggestions.


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