“From Drummer to Groom: ’80s Music Legend’s Scottish Wedding”


This joke will become a reality on Wednesday night at the Royal Albert Hall.

After years of pressure from fans, the American hip hop group reached out via social media to the LSO and a deal has been struck.

Black Sunday, their critically acclaimed album, is the basis of this one-night-only performance in London. The album sold over three million copies in America and spent an entire year on the UK chart.

The LSO will perform orchestral arrangements of the most iconic songs from the band, including Insane In the Brain and I Wanna Get High.

Cypress Hill is one of the biggest hip-hop acts in the world, with more than 20 millions albums sold worldwide.

I met the band during their rehearsals at central London.

B-Real, real name Louis Mario Freese, told the BBC that “it’s something we’ve been talking about for many years” since the Simpsons first aired.

It’s a very special moment for us. It’s also our 30th anniversary of Black Sunday.

The ability to perform on London’s biggest stage was described as “one of those check-off moments”.

We’ve played in a number of historic venues and other places, but this is the most prestigious.

Homerpalooza is an episode of The Simpsons where Homer, while walking to school, discovers that his musical tastes aren’t considered cool.

He then goes to the Hullabalooza Music Festival, a play off the Lollapalooza Music Festival held in Chicago. There he hangs out with rock and rap stars such as Cypress Hill and the Smashing Pumpkins.

The British connection extends beyond the LSO. The episode shows that it was Peter Frampton – best known for his 1976 album Frampton comes Alive – who tried to book the orchestra.

Cypress Hill laughed at me when I asked him if he had been invited.

B-Real replied, “Yes, we have been trying to get him here for a while.”

“We have never met him, but thought it would fun to invite the legendary Peter Frampton.”

They are still waiting for the reply.

Maxine Kwok, LSO’s first violinist and vice-chair of the board, said that “people are excited beyond belief at the thought of these musicians mixing together on stage”.

She told the BBC that she was a child from the Nineties and remembered the episode very well. It was a “running joke” in the culture for many years, each time it was repeated.

There have been cultural differences at rehearsals, leading to misunderstandings.

The LSO interpreted the term “glock” to refer to the glockenspeil, a percussion instrument. For Cypress Hill, the word “glock” will always mean a gun.

It’s not the first time that an episode of The Simpsons accurately predicted a real-life event many years later.

  • In an episode from March 2000, Bart sees a future vision in which his sister Lisa is the US president. She declares that “We’ve got quite a budget crisis from President Trump.” That was 16 years before Donald Trump took office.
  • Springfield’s version of Las Vegas magicians Siegfried & Roy was a duo named Gunter & Ernst. In 1993, they were attacked by a white tiger that was part of their act. Roy Horn was attacked by one of the white tigers during a performance at Mirage Casino in exactly a decade.
  • Winter Olympics Curling was a storyline in 2010, with Homer, Marge and the US Team. In the final, they defeated Sweden. In South Korea, eight years later, the US won their first Winter Olympic Curling Gold, defeating none other than Sweden.

Tonight’s show is their destiny, according to Cypress Hill.

The act stated that they experimented more in the later stages of their career by “combining hip-hop, rock or metal, punk or reggae, or electronic”, and their new orchestral collaborative is part who they are as ‘out-of-the box artists.

“We salute The Simpsons, because we wouldn’t have done this if they hadn’t written that episode.”


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