“Farewell to a Legend: Vanna White’s Tearful Goodbye to Pat Sajak on ‘Wheel of Fortune’ – Must-See Moment!”


Vanna White Reflects on the Unforgettable Journey: “What an Incredible Ride It’s Been”

Vanna white, Pat Sajak’s longtime Wheel of Fortune co-host, shared a touching farewell in the lead up to his final episode on June 7. White tried to summarize the 41-year journey in a video that was released before the historic episode. White said, “I cannot believe tomorrow will be our final show together.” I don’t have the words to describe what these 41 years mean to me but I will try.

Sajak announced his retirement from the show in 2023, after 41 seasons. White has been Sajak’s steadfast partner since 1982. Together, they have appeared in over 8,000 episodes. The show’s success has been attributed to their on-screen chemistry as well as their friendship off-screen.


White talked about her time with Sajak in the video. She confessed that she was “green” when she first joined the show, while vintage clips of them played in the background. Sajak was credited for her development, saying, “You made my so comfortable, Pat. You really made me the person I am.

The bond between them, however, went beyond the glitz of the studio. White said, “We’ve shared so much behind the scenes as we’ve grown older. As much fun as it was to be on camera, the memories, milestones, and life events that we shared outside of the studio with our families are my favorites.

A photomontage portrayed the intertwined families. White’s two children, Nikko Santo Pietro and Gigi, as well as Sajak and Lesly Brown’s Patrick Michael James and Maggie have all grown up together and shared their experiences.



We’ve seen our children grow together. We have traveled the globe. We’ve shared hundreds of meals. We’ve laughed. We’ve cried. White replied, “We’ve had a celebration.” “Oh, gosh. We’ve been on an amazing and unforgettable trip. “I’ve loved every moment of the journey with you.”

It was more like saying goodbye than to a colleague. As this chapter in our lives ends, I know that you will still be near. You are like a brother and I love you as a lifelong friend. “I love you, Pat,” White finished, blowing kisses before sharing one final heartfelt embrace on stage with Sajak.

In an interview with us in September 2022, Sajak hinted that he would be leaving. “Years fly by. We are getting close to the end. It’s [been] a long time. This is the last time we’ll be doing this. “The end is near”, he said when reflecting on the legacy of the show. It’s an honour to have been in the living rooms of people for so long. The people were welcoming us. “We’re proud and happy.”

Sajak won’t retire completely after Wheel of Fortune. Sajak, 77, will star opposite Joe Moore in a new version of “Prescription: Murder”, at Honolulu’s Hawaii Theatre between July 31 and August 10, 2025. The wheel continues to turn. Ryan Seacrest of “American Idol’ fame will replace Sajak in her hosting duties. White has also extended her contract and will remain as the hostess of the show through the 2025-2026 seasons.


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