“Fans Fooled: Adult Swim’s Sneaky Move with ‘Smiling Friends’ – The Ultimate April Fool’s Prank!”


Adult Swim is always big in the month of April Fool’s Day, and this year was no different, with the Smiling Friends their huge “return” to screens! The fact that Adult Swim having a special event to celebrate the month of April Fool’s Day each year, it’s difficult to know what the fans can expect to experience during the holiday. However, ahead of the April Fool’s Day this year, Adult Swim was surprisingly enthusiastic about setting the highly sought-after return to the Smiling Friends animated series. Fans have been waiting eagerly for the new season since the first time it was revealed to be in the process, and it was finally set to be the big return.

Adult Swim had been increasing their advertising to promote Smiling Friends‘ return in the beginning of April Fool’s Day evening at midnight ( going as far as taking over the Las Vegas Sphere in anticipation) and so, people were a bit skeptical about what future plans Adult Swim could actually have for the show. It turned out that this was actually a brand new version of the Season 1’s most memorable episodes which started with the premiere episode. See it as it unfolds below, as reported in the following video by Adult Swim:


When Will Smiling Friends Season 2 Premiere?

Smiling Friends Season 2 may not have had a premiere in full this evening However, it’s only an issue of time until the new season is released with the release date set for at some point this year. It’s also the ideal opportunity to revisit one of the more acclaimed Adult Swim animated originals of the past few years. If you’ve wanted to see the first season yourself it’s available on that first episode (and “Go to Brazil” special) available to stream on Max and on Blu-ray.

Adult Swim previews what viewers can look forward to in Smiling Friends as it states, ” Smiling Friendsfollows the employees of a tiny company that is dedicated to bringing joy to a zany but vibrant world. The half-hour animated series was created by Michael Cusack ( YOLO: Crystal Fantasy) and Zach Hadel ( Hellbenders) and animated by Princess Bento Studio.”

What do you think of Adult Swim’s unique Smiley Friends promotion to celebrate April Fool’s Day this year? How does it compare to your top choices of Adult Swim’s offerings this holiday? Please share your thoughts on the comment section! You can also reach out to me directly regarding animation in general and other amazing related stuff the @Valdezology channel on X (formerly called Twitter)!


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