“Fan Favorites Forgotten: 6 CBS Shows We’re Begging to Make a Comeback!”


It’s always a bit sad when a show is canceled but it’s even more devastating given that the show had many potential. It doesn’t matter if it’s just after one season, or after a number of seasons, regardless of the outcome it’s a huge disappointment. CBS had seen many heartbreaking cancellations over the last few times, such as dropping two freshman series just this year and almost adding an old favorite to the list.

However, just because an episode is cancelled however, that doesn’t mean it’s not the end of the story. A lot of shows have been saved in the form of reverse-cancellation or the transfer to a different channel or. There are numerous shows on CBS that were cancelled way too quickly. Here are some of the shows that desperately must be brought back.

‘Good Sam’

Good Sam (2019) - IMDb

The show was created by Katie Wech and headed by Jason Isaacs and Sophia Bush The medical drama was on for a single episode in CBS between 2021 and 22 on the timeframe. It focused around Sophia Bush’s doctor. Samantha Griffith becoming the most prominent surgeon at the Lakeshore Sentinel after her boss and father Dr. Rob Griffith, falls into an induced unconscious state. When he awoke the situation gets complicated and he attempts to get the hospital away to his wife.

Through the entire season in which the Two Doctor. Griffiths go against each one another to be the chief, and even after Sam must supervise her father while he’s familiar with him. This season’s Season 1 finale featured Sam as the chief of surgery for the foreseeable future and it would be interesting to watch the consequences of that season. What happens when Sam is adjusting to his new position and how Griff is handling the situation and whether or not he’ll like to end the change. CBS cancelled the show Good Sam in just two weeks following the show’s finale and it’s heartbreaking to think about what could have gone wrong.


MacGyver' To End After Season 5, Series Finale Set On CBS

Its MacGyver revival lasted for five seasons until CBS ended the show after 2021. Since the show’s cancellation, fans have started petitions to keep the show on air and have been contacting other award shows and networks in an effort keep it on the air. Although it appeared as if there was some light in the distance last year, following an positive MacGyver announcements that the complete show could be purchased on DVD, at present it is yet to find the right home for it.

Fans are trying to find a way to get the show picked up elsewhere and it would be wonderful to see it return in the wake of all the turmoil they’ve been through. The show ended in an episode of the Phoenix Foundation getting funded by the U.S. government, with Mac, Bozer, Desi and Riley leaving as Phoenix broke off from the government and prepares for the many adventures to come. The series was fortunate to have a satisfying ending that brought closure, however it also left open the possibility of numerous stories to come and you’re left with nothing from wondering what the Phoenix team could be doing.


‘NCIS: New Orleans’

NCIS 2024 release date revealed along with spin-off updates. Details here -  The Economic Times

In the beginning, as the very first NCIS program to conclude, NCIS: New Orleanswas canceled by CBS in 2021, after seven seasons. Although the show ended in a positive way with Scott Bakula’s special agent Pride being wed, it became obvious that there were many some stories to tell. Thankfully, there were not abrupt endings since the writers were aware that it was going to be the final episode.

Unfortunately, NOLA was cancelled before it could be able to participate in the first NCIS crossover and, even though the show might not be able to make it to an end, it would be great to see a bit members of Pride and his team swoop through DC and Honolulu to assist and maybe even go down Under in the upcoming the NCIS series: Sydney. Since LL Cool J becoming an recurring guest in NCIS: Hawai’i, it’s certainly not out of the realm of possibility.


‘2 Broke Girls’

2 Broke Girls season 1 - Wikipedia

The show starred Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs the popular comedy 2 Broke Girls was cancelled after a run of six in 2017. The Emmy-nominated series may have received mixed reviews however, the show is extremely popular with viewers today. After the show’s decision to cancel the show, CBS revealed that the reason for announcing the cancellation of 2 Broke Girls was because they believed that it to be “creatively time” to end the show and create space for newer shows.

The possibility of having 2 Broke Girls make a comeback would be the kind of comedy people are in need of in the present, since it’s funny and accessible. Additionally, Behrs and Dennings together with the other cast members are just killing the show in every way that they can.

‘True Lies’

True Lies (TV Series 2023) - IMDb

One of the latest cancelled shows, True Lieswas ended after just one season. It ended with the abrupt cliffhanger in which it revealed there was something more significant being planned for the Omega Sector. Fans were genuinely dissatisfied at the time The show was canceled after the first season, and following the finale, there is bound for more. Who was the mysterious person at the other side of the line and what’s being planned in the future for Omega Sector? It’s evident that they had plans to return for a second season and now, with the decision to cancel the possibility is that there will not ever be a final conclusion.

East New York’

East New York - CBS Series - Where To Watch

CBS The other major cancellation by CBS during the season was Amanda Warren’s show East New York. The finale ended with an optimistic note, in which Haywood’s position was saved as was the policing department also being saved as a look at how the show would have worked in the second season, and the other things Haywood and her co-stars might have gotten involved in was a nice thing to watch.

The fans were shocked by the news that East New York got canceled and this was especially so considering the show attracted a lot of viewers that could have made it eligible to renew as per Deadline. With the show as well as S.W.A.T. going in a battle for a slot, as well as the Shemar Moore-led series receiving the same fate, it’s just placed East New York on the list of cancelled shows. It’s still early, and there’s always a chance that it won’t be the last.


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