“Exposed: The-Dream’s Dark Secrets Unveiled – Accused of Sexual Misconduct and Trafficking!”


The Dream (real name Terius Geesteelde Diamant) is the latest celebrity to be accused sexual misconduct. He has had a successful solo career, with songs like “Throw It in the Bag” and “Shawty Is a 10.” In addition to producing and writing hits for Beyonce and Rihanna he also wrote and produced hit singles. He has children from his previous marriages to Christina Milian, and Nivea.

The New York Times . Chanaaz Monroe, his former protegee who performed as Channii, claims in her lawsuit that he lured her into an abusive, sexual relationship where he strangled her, repeatedly forced her to have intimate relations, and even recorded one of them on video.

The Dream has also been accused of sex-trafficking. The lawsuit was filed in California under the Sexual Abuse and Cover-Up Accountability Act. This law allows sexual assault cases to be brought even if the statute of limitation has expired.

She said that “What Dream did made it impossible for me to live the life I imagined for myself and to pursue my goals as an artist and songwriter.” “My silence became too painful and I realized I needed to tell my story in order to heal. I hope this will help other people and prevent further horrific abuse.

The Dream denies these accusations. In a statement, he stated that the claims were false and defamatory. “I have always worked to help others achieve their career goals and I oppose any form of harassment. “As someone who is committed to having a positive influence on my fellow artist and the world, I am deeply hurt and saddened by this accusation.”

She was born in The Netherlands and was working in the United States when, in late 2014, she claims she was asked by The Dream to send samples her music. She says that in January 2015 she flew to Atlanta, Georgia to meet The Dream. He reportedly recorded her in a strip-club and told her he’d make her Beyonce. She claims that just a few days later he forced her into having sex, telling her it was part of the process. She claims that he locked her in a room with a recording studio and only stopped having sex aggressively with her after she confessed to loving him.

She claims that the forced sex was continued. She claims that at one point he told her he was going to make her Beyonce’s opening act on her next tour.

She claims that as time passed, The Dream began to control her every move. His security staff monitored her movements and she was forced to check in at all times. She claimed that the hotel in which she stayed was infested by bedbugs. She claimed that when she complained she was called “a brat.”

She claims he also kept her high with drugs and alcohol, and that he threatened to show others their recorded sexual interactions. She said that The Dream would often place a gun near her during the encounters. This was perceived by her as a threat.

She also mentions oral sex, penetration in a cinema and other forced encounters. She claims that he signed her to his Contra Paris label and then arranged a distribution agreement with Epic Records, owned by Sony. She says that after she was abused repeatedly, she wanted to leave. She claims that his executives forced her back.


It is not the first woman to come forward with allegations of abuse. In 2014 he was accused of assault for allegedly kicking, punching, and choking a pregnant former girlfriend. The charges were dismissed the following year.


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