Exclusive: Terri Irwin Opens Up About Moving On After Steve’s Death!


The widow of the “Crocodile hunter” Steve Irwin and American-Australian conservationist Terri Irwin has said she won’t seek love after her husband died in 2006. The 59-year old told that she had “completely found my happily ever after” in advance of the annual Steve Irwin gala early last month.

Terri’s loyalty to her late spouse was evident when she considered dating. Can you imagine another Steve Irwin, despite the fact that there are many wonderful men on this planet? I can’t. I would say, “I love that your a librarian and that the Dewey Decimal System sounds cool, but you have to jump a crocodile. “Forget that,” said she.

Steve and Terri had two children: daughter Bindi Irwin, 25, and son Robert Irwin, 20. Steve was affectionately known as ” the Crocodile Hunter“, after their 1990s educational TV series. Steve died at 44 in September 2006, when he was fatally wounded in the chest by an stingray barb. Steve and Terri had two children together: Bindi Irwin and Robert Irwin.

Terri expressed that, even though she wanted to remain single in her life, she was willing to help others find love. She replied “I like the show” when asked about the Golden Bachelor. She clarified, however, that she was more interested in becoming a producer than a contestant.

Terri, as she reflected back on her 14 years of marriage with Steve, remained steadfast in her belief that their bond was unrivalled. She said, “I’m comfortable with who I see in the reflection. I had the best 14-year marriage in the world.” “I’m fine to be alone now.” “I’m lonely, but I am not lonely myself, so that’s a good thing.”

Terri said that Steve would be proud if he were still alive of the efforts she and her children are making to honor Steve’s memory and advance his conservation goals. She recalled a time when Steve would “actually go [and] star [into] the fire,” she said. “[One day] he walked in and said, ‘We must have children. Who will we leave all this to? We must have children. And I said, “Just because you have children, doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be interested in your work.” “No, they will love conservation and wildlife because we are having children.”

In November, for Steve Irwin Day, the Irwins paid a touching tribute to Steve via Instagram. Bindi summarized her father’s legacy by writing: “To the World, he will always be remembered as the greatest Wildlife Warrior.” To his family, he’ll be remembered as the world. Robert spoke about his father’s “passion and excitement” that never faded.


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