“Exclusive: Teen Mom Star’s Shocking Arrest Details Revealed!”


Bar Smith has been in trouble again. The teen mom: the next chapter actor, who appeared first on teen mom: young and pregnant was arrested in Nevada on 7th July. Ashley Roundup has reported about the arrest and charges. The show’s fans are aware of Smith’s estrangement from his wife, Ashley Jones. Jones lives with Holly and their daughter in Las Vegas, while Smith, who is on probation, is said to live in California. After years of turmoil, the two separated last year.

Smith was charged with a second-degree felony kidnapping. According to the report, in Nevada, a charge of second-degree kidnapping can be given when someone holds another against their will, but there is no harm done. In Nevada, a second-degree kidnapping could result in a prison sentence between two and 15 years. Smith may also face thousands of dollars worth of legal fines.

Smith has also been charged with “Coercion Domestic violence with the Threat of or Use of Physical Force.” This is a felony charge, which implies that Smith either forced or threatened his victim. Smith was also charged with a misdemeanor for Harassment in the first degree, which is a misdemeanor. Smith was also charged with “Contempt for Municipal Court,” a separate matter.

In early 2013, it was reported by the media that Jones would film the new season of the show on her own after Smith disappeared. Last year, the two also filmed the couple’s version of the show. However, their trip was cut off and they were sent back. Ashley reported on the altercation that took place at Columbia hotel.


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