Exclusive: Inside The View’s Fiery Nightmare – How Hosts Narrowly Escaped Disaster!!


Tamron hall’s talkshow was quite spicy on Wednesday. It smoked out the ladies from the View. It’s not entirely about food but it involves some fire in the cooking.a fire broke in the kitchen at Hall’s ABC Studios talk show in New York City. The show was evacuated due to a grease fire. Firemen were called to attend the scene. Hall explained the situation from outside in a video clip, assuring everyone was okay and that they would be back next week with new episodes.


the View made fun of the incident, and revealed that they had to leave due to the fire. The long-running talk-show co-hosts made their way up to the stage while Billy Joel’s song “We Didn’t Start the Fire” played. If you didn’t switch channels during that moment gives a detailed account of the situation from Whoopie Goldberg.

“This morning we had to evacuate our studio due to a fire we didn’t start. Goldberg clarifies that they don’t even know how the fire started. “Tamron didn’t start the fire.”

Joy Behar replies, “Well, that was her kitchen,” leaving the door wide open for Goldberg to respond. It was her kitchen but that doesn’t mean she was in it.

The fire department confirmed that there were no injuries and discovered burned food on the stove. “FDNY responded to this call with a ladder and an engine consisting of approximately 12 personnel. 12 personnel. “There were no injuries reported,” the statement continued.


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