“Exclusive Clip: ‘Love & Translation’ Offers Glimpse into Tripp and Leidi’s Fortune Teller Experience – Prepare to Be Amazed!”


Love & Translation‘s Tripp as well as Leidi will be expecting a surprise when their visit to a local fortune-teller is a wild ride. It’s a surprise for the American dating couple as well as their Colombian lover are determined to discover whether they can be a couple as a couple in this PopCulture.com exclusive sneak peek at the all-new Sunday season of the TLC show However, they weren’t expecting what their story would take place.

The fortune-teller, Tripp and Leidi are instructed to remain still while she blows an intoxicant that smells of smoke throughout them. “This will carry away the bad energies,” she says on Spanish. “It’s for good luck.” Leidi is a bit unsure of the ceremonies being performed, revealing that in a confessional “My mom would be upset if she knows I’m here.”

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“I go to church with my mom, and it’s weird for me to be in this space,” she says. “The only one who knows your future is God, not one person.” However, despite her reservations regarding the psychic, Leidi stated that she’s determined to “have an open mind” after observing what “excited” Tripp seems to be about the experience.

This excitement could fade when Tripp as well as Leidi are told to shut their eyes while the fortune-teller drink of a liquid and then pours it on their bodies. “Okay, that’s new,” an elated Tripp states. When the psychic is finished with her spitting routine she instructs the pair to get down and she announces, “You are clean now.”

Tripp was unsure of what was ahead going into this experience however, despite the odd things the experience has provided the man is keeping his head up. “This whole thing starts out by us getting spit on, and [it’s] obviously not the most pleasant of experiences,” Tripp admits in front of the camera. “But hopefully, the fortune teller can give us some clarity on a potential future together.”




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