Emily Willis’ Emotional Journey Post-Coma Revealed!


Emily Willis’ family has posted a heartbreaking update on the former adult film actress’s health after she went into cardiac arrest, and then falling into a state of coma. The Daily Star reports that Daily Star, Willis is real name Litzy Lara Banulos, went into cardiac arrest two months ago, while in rehabilitation.

The stepfather of the former adult performer, Michael, to update the outlet regarding her situation.  Willis is still in an involuntary state following being able to wake from a in a coma. They reported that Willis is able to track objects with the eyes of her, laugh and even register her emotions during conversations.



Although these are remarkable improvements, he revealed doctors revealed the devastating information that they do not expect any further improvement. Apart from this devastating information, they’re also in a state of confusion as to what exactly caused the cardiac arrest resulted from rehabilitation. Initial reports on her toxicology revealed that she was not taking any drugs However, officials were waiting for a complete report before deciding to determine the cause.

The family is planning to get Willis moved in St. George, Utah for a closer relationship with her family members while she continues to treatment. There is a GoFundMe in support of Willis has attained its goal of $60,000 and has surpassed it by nearly 10k, and has an overall total of 1.2k donations.


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