Crime Gone Wrong: Rapper Phil Da Phuture, 41, Falls Victim to Fatal Dispensary Robbery!


The D.C. rapper working at an cannabis retail store killed and shot in an violent theft. Philip Prendergast, known as Phil Da Phuture, was shot as he was robbed three hours before p.m. Wednesday afternoon at the Hotbox located on Georgia Avenue NW near Hamilton Street according to police that, according to the Washington Post.

Two armed criminals took over the dispensary, while the 41-year old was working in the store, police said. The two suspects are shown entering the store and armed in the surveillance video. In the press announcement it was reported that police from the Metropolitan Police Department said the suspects demanded property and cash.

There there was no resistance from the victims, however one suspect shot the gun, striking Prendergast. Another victim did not get shot in the robbery, and was able to escape the attack. The suspects then fled the scene, armed with assets and money they stole. Prendergast suffered a stroke in the hospital. He is famous for his songs like ” Stupid Dop Moves” and ” Do What I Do.”

In an conversation in a recent interview, Shomari Stone, the mother of Prendergast told Shomari Stone, “he was the most loving person there is, and the best friend you could ever have, the best person you could ever ask for for a friend.”

“It cuts deep,” friend Philip “Ade” Adetumbi told Washington. “Phil was just one of those people that, you know, when he came in the room, the room was better.”


After a few days of the killing, Adetumbi says that he’s still in shock. “I feel like he showed us, you know, you can come from where we’re from and make your mistakes and turn it around and be something positive and be an inspiration to others,” Adetumbi stated.

He said his labelmate and friend as a warm, funny and loving person who is well-known for his catchy rhymes and a knack to make people smile. “We all saw from afar him, you know, building his life our and making himself better, working on himself and working on his business, and it’s horrible, man,” Adetumbi declared.


D.C. police have released surveillance photos of the suspects involved in the murder. “Turn yourself in, because you’ll never have peace,” Adetumbi told reporters. “You’ll never be able to have peace with this on your conscience, true peace.”

A total of $2,500 worth of cash was taken in the hands of suspects and $1,900 worth of cannabis products, as per the incident report. MPD will offer an incentive in the amount of $25,000 to information that could help in the hunt for the suspects.


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