“Charity Crisis: Will and Jada Pinkett Smith Announce Closure – What Went Wrong?”

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith have been under a lot of scrutiny over their marriage to be a mystery but now, their marriage troubles are leaking into their business. According to Variety, reports that the Hollywood powerful has decided to shut down its charity. It is reported that the Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation has served as a voice for the issues that were important to the couple from a poor background that included health and well-being, arts education and sustainability. However, it was the I Am Legend star’s professional image of being neat and unproblematic was questioned following his notorious slap on co-comedian Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars. As per the magazine Variety ,tax reports show that following the scandal significant financial donations were slowing down. Since then, the couple has decided to close the organization.

Tax records of The Will And Jada Smith Family Foundation founded by the couple after their wedding in 1996, were reviewed by the media outlet and through ProPublica the foundation’s revenues decreased from $1,760,000 in 2020, and then to $2,138,660 by 2021, and then $365,870 by 2022. Variety states: “The year-over-year drop of 83% included the departure of contributors such as American Airlines, which donated $76,160 in 2021, and CAA, which contributed $100,000 in 2021.”

According to the website of the organization it states that the organization has been “dedicated to understanding and unlocking the healing potential of non-ordinary states of consciousness through clinical research into the mechanism-of-action behind trauma release.” There’s been no updates on the website since.

There have been no success in trying to contact the office of the organization via telephone. The report states that Will And Jada Smith Family Foundation in 2022 has a budget of including computer equipment for offices and office space. Additionally, there is an overdrawn bank charge of $3,304.

After a long period of speculation, Jada confirmed she and Will have been living their separate lives since the year 2016. Jada says that the Oscar’s slap has rekindled their relationship and they are seeking reconciliation.


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