“Unbelievable! Jamie Foxx’s Medical Crisis Began with a Simple ‘Bad Headache’”


Jamie Foxx has revealed some new details regarding his medical emergency that rendered him unable walk last year and kept him away from the public for several months.

Foxx speaks with Phoenix fans via a video posted on Instagram.

He said “I had a migraine, and asked my son for Advil.” Then he snapped his finger. “I was away for 20 days.” “I don’t recall anything.”

Foxx claimed that his sister took him to the doctor, and then to another doctor. The second doctor told them “there’s a problem up there” pointing at his head.

Foxx said that he wouldn’t wish this experience on his worst enemies.

It’s hard when you’re almost there, when the tunnel is in sight. “I saw the tunnel but I didn’t notice the light,” said the man. “I have a renewed respect for life.” “I have a new appreciation for my art.”


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